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Triumph Over Trauma

We all struggle to understand and overcome the residual impacts of a traumatic event, a loss, or a major life stressor. Triumph Over Trauma (TOT) provides trauma-informed counselling service for individuals, couples and families. Through the Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), personal exploration, and strategic planning, we collaboratively process the event and help restore you to a world that is safe, accepting and makes sense.

Some people navigate traumatic events, losses or major life stressors and manage the turmoil without seeking professional assistance.  However, sometimes the intensity of the event or the combination of multiple stressors creates debilitating circumstances that leave us feeling helpless and hopeless. We live our lives as if constantly moving through a revolving door. Recognising patterns of behaviour and reoccurring thoughts and having no idea how to stop the self-sabotage. When left unadressed, these events often lead to multiple co-occurring conditions including depression, anxiety and alcohol or substance abuse.