Triumph Over Trauma


Be Set Free

About John

As a declared leader, his mission is to:

Empower people to be leaders of their own lives, responsible for their own wellbeing and equipped to overcome their self-imposed limitations triggered by unconscious core beliefs.

With over 30 years’ experience working with people in addictions, mental health, disabilities, counselling, coaching, teaching, and training, John has developed deep understanding of the human condition. John believes communication is the essence to connecting with people and that trust is the ground that all relationships are built on. He has a unique ability to connect and create a safe space for people,so they are unencumbered in expressing their deepest concerns.

John’s real-life lived experiences, coupled with his prestigious academic and professional training, make him especially adept at working with individuals and families with trauma histories. He can skilfully deconstruct his client’s presenting problem and collaboratively assist with practical solutions that bring immediate relief to his clients while setting the tone for future sessions.

John is fearless when it comes to joining his clients in their darkest moments in order to assist them with creating a meaningful, step-by-step process towards reaching each client’s individual goals.  John keeps his clients accountable for following through with each step while marking each small victory as they are achieved.   He is a true champion of the human spirit’s ability to heal itself from any misfortune, no matter how big or small. 

As a Christian, he knows that unless there is a change of heart, which is the unconscious mind, there is no real lasting change. John is able to go to the heart of the matter and help people clear their Unconscious Core Beliefs (UCB’s) that disempower them and help to create a future clear of emotion-charged residue from the past.

We know that what prevents us having a fulfilling relationship with God is our unconscious core beliefs that pose as a barrier to living the faith filled life we desire. As Paul the Apostle says, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is week. Why is it that I know what to do and fail to do it, and I know what not to do and keep doing it? By integrating our Richards Trauma Process with the desire to be free, we tap into the truth of what is blocking you and you can experience freedom from emotional constraints and have a deeper spiritual relationship with the father, the Son and the holy Spirit.